We are the Josh Walker Band


The Josh Walker Band is a family band based in Crewe, Cheshire. Blending energetic folk and rock with heartfelt and honest lament, the band brings the message of eternal hope here and now to audiences and congregations across the UK.

The band intend to use their music as a vehicle to carry the message of hope found through faith in Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.

Singer, Josh Walker says;
"A creation should reflect its creator. As created people, it is our goal to reflect hope, faith, and love into the world as the image of our creator. We aim to use this reflection as the drive and purpose of our music."


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Walker
Vocals / Amy Walker
Drums / Thom Walker


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Captain My Soul

We're really excited about our album Captain My Soul. We feel like these songs are the most honest and raw songs we've written, giving insight and truth into how life has been for us as a band recently. 

We'd love if you took a listen here.

Also, hear the stories behind the songs in our blog here.